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Document Name:
    Environmental Monitoring(0)
      Bathing Water Quality Sites(1)
      River Flow Sites(2)
      Rainfall Sites(3)
      Water Quality Sites(4)
      Tide Level Sites(5)
      Groundwater Level Sites(6)
      Air Quality Sites(7)
      Meteorological Sites(8)
      Lake Level Sites(9)
    Biodiversity Management(10)
      Key Native Ecosystems(11)
    Bulk Water Supply(12)
      Intake Sites(13)
      Pumping Stations(14)
      Water Treatment Plants(18)
    Community Environmental Projects (20)
      Care Group Sites(21)
    Flood Protection(22)
      Drainage Schemes(23)
        Pump Stations(24)
        Gravity Feed(25)
        Pump Feed(26)
      Maintained Watercourses(27)
        Wellington / Kapiti(28)
      Design Channel Alignments(30)
        Hutt River(31)
        Mangaroa River(32)
        Otaki River(33)
        Waikanae River(34)
        Wainuiomata River(35)
        Waitohu Stream(36)
    Land and Soil Monitoring(37)
      Climate Stations(38)
      Selected Land Use Register(39)
    Managed Land Portfolio(40)
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