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Layer: Surface Drinking Water Protection Area (ID: 33)

Parent Layer: Surface water community drinking water supply protection areas (incorporates Schedule M1)

Name: Surface Drinking Water Protection Area

Display Field: NAME

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: Schedule M1: Surface water community drinking water supply abstraction points This feature class identifies the community drinking supply catchments to which policies and rules in the Plan apply in order to give effect to the The National Environmental Standard (NES) for Sources of Human Drinking Water (2007). The NESfor Sources of Human Drinking Water (2007) directs regional councils to consider the potential impacts of land use activities on community drinking water supplies. This map defines the ‘source protection zones’ for all relevant community drinking water supply points. The zones describe the area within which an activity might reasonably be expected to impact upon the quality of water at the abstraction point.The extent of the source protection area was defined by the ‘run time’ it would take water entering the stream to reach the abstraction point. Different catchments have different run times based on catchment characteristics. The catchment drinking water supply protection zone is a 200 m wide buffer overlaid on this defined river-run extent. More information can be found in the report:Thompson, M. (2015), Delineation of drinking water supply catchment protection zones (surface water): Method to support the Proposed Natural Resources Plan. Unpublished Greater Wellington Regional Council report, 22p, WGN-DOCS-#1442059.

Definition Expression: N/A

Copyright Text: Mike Thompson, Senior Environmental Scientist, Greater Wellington Regional Council; Iain Dawe, Senior Policy Advisor, Greater Wellington Regional Council (GIS mapping).

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