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Legend (GWRC_Open_Data_NRP_Transport)

Wellington Harbour Noise Control Boundary (1)
Wellington Harbour Commercial Port Areas (2)
Commercial Port Area
Lambton Harbour Area
Lambton Harbour Area (Northern Zone)
Mooring Areas Bearing Points (4)
Mooring Areas Sight Lines (5)
Mooring Areas (6)
Wellington Harbour Pilotage Waypoint Stations (8)
Wellington Harbour and Pilotage Limit (9)
Wellington Harbour Navigation Protection Areas (10)
Kapiti Airport Approach Lines (12)
South bound flight path
Approach surface edge
North bound flight path
Kapiti Airport Labels (13)
Kapiti Airport Height Restriction Areas (14)
Approach Surface Grade 1:30 Distance 3000m
Grass Runway
Runway 29
Approach Surface Grade 1:40 Distance 3000m
Sealed Runway
Runway 34
Transitional Surface Grade
Conical and Horizontal surface
Wellington Airport Height Restriction Areas (15)
Runway Strip and Flyover Area
Takeoff and Approach Fans
Takeoff and Approach Fans (Inner Portion
Transitional Side Surfaces
Instrument Landing Transitional Surface
Cook Strait Cable Protection Zone Coordinates (17)
Cook Strait Cable Protection Zone (18)