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You can use GWRC mapping tools to find property, geographical, recreational, locational information and more! To browse our map collection, try the links listed below.

GWRC Map Gallery

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The Map Gallery accesses a variety of web pages to display and query map data for the Greater Wellington Region

LAWA Bathing Water Quality Map Viewer

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In the summer season, you can use this map to see the most recent bathing water quality information for popular bathing sites.

Take our Data

GIS data is freely available to the public through our download service.

Download our map data or connect to web map services to reuse our GIS data.

GWRC Open Data Site

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Search for and download GIS data for your own use.

GWRC regional aerials on LDS

Colour aerial imagery acquired for the region in 2013, 2017 and 2021.

WAGGIS regional LIDAR on LDS

Regional LIDAR DEM acquired for the region in 2013-14.

GWRC GIS data on Koordinates

Regional GIS data shared on the Koordinates Data Service site.

Developers looking for mapping data can download our layers and API's by going to our Data Services page.

All data unless specifically stated is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. 

Creative Commons License 

GIS Status

GREEN: no known issues

Last updated: 25th July 2022

LUC Data Shutdown

We have published a new source for the Landform Assessment - Land Use Capability dataset, there is another source available through this link.

The current service providing data to the Landform Assessment LUC dataset is due to be closed down, effective the 8th of March 2024. Please switch to using this service to continue accessing this dataset.

Published 01/03/2024

Our News

Regional Topographic basemaps updated

The regional topographic basemaps, first released in 2015, have been fully updated to Version 2. Thse maps incorporate terrain data from LIDAR sources at larger scales.

Published: 25/07/2022

2021 Wellington Regional aerial imagery layer released.

Colour aerial imagery basemap for the Wellington Region. Imagery captured in Jan-Feb 2021. See also the LINZ Data Service for downloadable images.

Published: 09/08/2021

High-resolution 1m contour data now available

1m topographic contours are now available for download. They are derived from the best publicly-available LIDAR elevation data, and cover the whole Wellington Region. Data is tiled by 50k topo map sheet extents. Many sheets also now available as vector tile cache services.

Published: 24/05/2021, updated 9/09/2021


Some other sites of interest to GIS Users are listed below.

All of these sites provide options for data discovery or data supply.

 Data.govt Logo

NZ Government Data Portal

 Data.linz Logo

LINZ Data Service

 Geodata Logo Data Portal

 RetroLens Logo

Retrolens Historical Aerials Portal

 Koordinates Logo

Koordinates Data Portal

 MfE Logo

MfE Data Portal

 LRIS Logo

LRIS Data Portal

Related Sites

Other mapping resources from Local Government in the Region

Many of our partner councils in the Wellington Region provide online GIS mapping systems for public use. These sites are listed below.

 WCC Logo

WCC Web map viewer

WCC Web Map Gallery

WCC Open Data Site

 HCC Logo

HCC Web map viewer

HCC Historic Aerials Viewer

 PCC Logo

PCC Web map viewer

PCC Open Data Site

 UHCC Logo

UHCC Web map viewer

UHCC Map Services Site

 KCDC Logo

KCDC Web maps gallery

 Wai Logo

Wairarapa Maps



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